Passing God's Word on to our youth is a wonderful to show our thankfulness for all of His blessings!  A great Biblical education is a foundation that these young people will use the rest of their lives!  Children at Westpark are very important and we strive to make an unforgettable impact for them.

Bible Classes

Every Sunday morning at 9am and Wednesday evening at 7pm we have Bible classes for all ages.  Our children attend classes geared specifically toward their age from cradle roll all the way through high school.  Each age is taught through methods they understand, information they will remember, and an environment they love.  Our teachers would love to meet your children in Bible class!

Pew Packers

Pew Packers is a time for some extra singing and a special short object lesson just before Sunday evening worship begins.  Please feel free to join us on Sundays at 4:45pm for this time together with our children!

Vacation Bible School

Every summer, we offer this time of extra Bible knowledge presented in an immersive experience for an unforgettable impact.  Our kiddos soak up knowledge while developing friendships, and all of our volunteers truly shine by showing their love and devotion for our youth.  

Summer Camp Sessions

Each summer a group of our youth have the opportunity to attend summer sessions at Christian youth camps.  These camp sessions focus on teaching sound doctrine while cultivating strong relationships with God, His Son, and one another.