Passing God's Word on to our youth is a wonderful to show our thankfulness for all of His blessings!  A great Biblical education is a foundation that these young people will use the rest of their lives!  Our children are very important and we strive to make an unforgettable impact for them.

Bible Classes

Every Sunday morning at 9am we have Bible classes for all ages.  Our children attend classes geared specifically toward their age from cradle roll all the way through high school.  Each age is taught through methods they understand, information they will remember, and an environment they love.  Our teachers would love to meet your children in Bible class!

Vacation Bible School

Each summer, we strive to offer a time of extra Bible knowledge presented in an immersive experience for an unforgettable impact.  Our kiddos soak up knowledge while developing friendships, and all of our volunteers truly shine by showing their love and devotion for our youth.  

Summer Camp Sessions

Each summer groups of our youth have the opportunity to attend summer sessions at Christian youth camps when they are entering 4th-6th grades and 7th-12th grades.  These camp sessions focus on teaching sound doctrine in a way best suited to their age group while cultivating strong relationships with God, His Son, and one another.  

Young Families Fellowships/Devotionals

Every month, our young families meet together for a meal, devotional, and service project so our youth can continue fostering strong friendships with one another while completing a project that will benefit others in our community.  

Young Mens' Training Class

Our young men love to soak up knowledge so this class was founded to help them learn more about scripture reading, song leading, public speaking, and facilitating communion.  These young men are becoming great leaders while building thier confidence and gaining tools to use for their work with the church.  

Girls' Class

Our young ladies also have a special class geared toward current topics that focus on their walk with God, building relationships, and giving them helpful tools to help them serve one another and their church family.  

Secret Grandparents

Building strong relationships with church family is a great love of our young people!  In this special time our young people draw the name of one of our older members and they are able to write to and get to know that person throughout the school year.