We are encouraged to live faithful lives (Romans 12:1-2, Titus 2:11-14, and other verses) and part of that is feeding and cultivating our relationship with God, His Son, and each other.  This church family is committed to encouraging one another and continuting to learn and grow throughout every stage of life.

Bible Classes

We are fed God's Word on a weekly basis with sound doctrine taught in thought-provoking Bible classes at 9 am on Sundays and 7 pm on Wednesdays.  Please join us for these times of wonderful instruction and learning together!

Young Families' Class

Our young families are committed to helping one another through this sometimes hectic stage of life.  The lessons provided in this 9 am Sunday class are focused on raising spiritually-minded children and helping each family member have a committed faith in modern times.  

Ladies' Bible Class

Our Ladies' Bible Class meets on Friday mornings throughout the school year with an emphasis of pausing each week to focus on fellowship with God through Biblical example and strengthening our relationships as Christian women.  

Young Families' Monthly Devotional

Each month, the young families gather for a time together featuring a meal, devotional, and service project.  These gatherings are geared toward including the children in each activity and growing closer to each other while reaching out to others in need.  

Ladies' Days/Retreats

Our ladies' retreat is scheduled each spring as a time for our ladies' to refresh and refocus during a time of wonderful lessons brought to us by a guest speaker.  Times such as these help us grow closer as church family while using our blessings to reach out to others in our community.