Service Projects

We are called to serve one another in scripture (Galatians 6:10 plus many other verses) and strive to find ways to show Jesus' example of caring for others in all we do.  Having a serving heart is a very important part of a Christian's faithful life because even something that seems so small can make the biggest Heavenly impact!

Young Families' Service Projects

The monthly Young Families' Devotional began as a way for our young people to team up, reach out, and show love for others by completing a service project every month.  They focus on fulfilling different needs such as encouraging those serving in our military, helping the homeless, brightening the day for our elderly, busy bags for the children's hospital, cards for cancer patients, goodie bags for our community police and firefighters, baskets for new area homes, and helping at Lunches of Love.  Our kids are such caring young people and seeing them work on these projects is an absolute joy!


We love reaching out to our community by participating with activities such as community donation projects following the flooding in Fulshear and Simonton, helping at school activities, and reaching out to newcomers in our area.  Finding a way to serve those of the community is a way for us to pass on God's blessings!

Ladies' Retreat Service Projects

Being able to find a way to serve others is very fun to fit into many of our activities.  The ladies' retreat has committed itself to pausing to focus on fulfilling a need every year in a way that will help out other ladies of our community.  


Reaching out to the world to spread God's Word is very important.  We have several teachers who are working with the World English Institute to teach english using the Bible to people around the world.  Each summer, they visit some of their students on mission trips where they work with those congregations to teach, encourage, and help strengthen the Christians there.   

Our Family 

This congregation of the Lord's church is a family who love each other very much and are here to reach out and help when any of us has a need!