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Iron Sharpens Iron

Friday, January 10, 2020

Have you ever tried to cut vegetables with a dull knife? It can be extremely difficult for sure.  Recently, when my in laws were visiting, my mother-in-law was in our kitchen helping to peel potatoes for a meal with a knife that was dull.  She asked, “Do you have a knife that is sharp that I can use?” Instead of getting another knife I got my knife sharpener and put an edge back on the knife which allowed my mother-in-law to finish the task.      

It is this very idea that the Proverb writer uses in Proverbs 27:17 to express the important role that is needed to sharpen the character of others.  In order for iron to be sharpened it implies there must be two pieces of iron and they must use one another to get sharp. It would be impossible for one piece of iron to be sharpened on its own without the help of the other.  Alone, both pieces of iron remain dull. 

This process helps us to gain, maintain, and achieve greater spiritual growth and fruit bearing in the Kingdom.  What is required in order for this to happen is there must be two positive and encouraging relationships to sharpen one another.  One that is focused on helping the other to be stronger, active, and moving forward. We all need faithful and spiritually mature friends to help us put on a sharp edge spiritually . 

So, who is that person for you?  Do you have one? Are you a solid piece of iron for someone else?  Remember, it takes two! Find one, be one, and bless one’s countenance to be sharper spiritually. 

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” — Proverbs 27:17

Looking Ahead

Friday, January 03, 2020

As we closed 2019 and rang in 2020 … I have been thinking about a couple of things.

First, I am thinking about our family and friends who have gone on to meet their reward in Christ. I’m

reminded of the words of John the Revelator, “Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.””  Revelation 14:13

Second, I am also keenly aware that we are a day closer to meeting our Lord!  Every day we are closer to meeting our eternal destiny which should motivate us to do what is needed to make sure that we are in an active relationship with Jesus Christ.  Paul says, “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.  The night is far spent, the day is at hand.  Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.  Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and

envy.  But you put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provisions for the flesh, to fulfill its lust.”  Romans 13:11-14

Then finally, it makes me aware of the massive job we have to take advantage of the opportunities that God places before us to share the message of His Son, Jesus Christ with those who are lost.  People are dying every day without the saving GRACE of Jesus Christ.  God is depending on you and me to help them come to know, obey, and live faithfully to Him.  What an amazing responsibility we have as disciples to the One Who died for the World.  Paul also says, “We then, as workers together with Him also plead with you not to receive the grace of God in vain.  For He says: ‘In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you.’ Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Corinthians 6:1-2

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 15:58         


If the Lord Wills

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that." - James 4:15

We all make plans!  We have plans for travel, plans for business, plans for family, for fun, and for the future.  For me, part of the fun is planning. 

We even have great quotes for planning. Check these out…

1. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

2. “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” …

3. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

4. “Good planning without good working is nothing.” …

5.     “Plan your work and work your plan.”

My personal favorite is….”Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (Mary Oliver). The reason I love this quote is because it is the one question about planning that has the greatest impact. 

Someone once said, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” which is also very true and it takes a lot of time, prayer, study, and thoughtful planning to spend a life well and to be prepared for eternity. 

Are your 2020 plans made within the walls of God’s will? Many hapless, helpless, and hopeless people don’t consider the Lord or His will when deciding and planning how life will be lived or whether they will meet God in eternity. 

Decide now to include the Lord in your 2020 plan and be prepared to meet Him in eternity so you can hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

“Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit"; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that." But now you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil. (James 4:13-16)


A Clear Word for Truth

Saturday, December 07, 2019

“Even things without life, whether flute or harp, when they make a sound, unless they make a distinction in the sounds, how will it be known what is piped or played? For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle? So likewise you, unless you utter by the tongue words easy to understand, how will it be known what is spoken? For you will be speaking into the air.”1 Corinthians 14:7-8  

The men who wrote the word of God were concise, clear, and effective in sharing, teaching, and preaching the word of God. As a result, people were taught faith, grew in faith, and obeying the faith. 

Today, we must be just as clear, concise, and consistent when proclaiming the truth and for the same reason!  The Lord is depending on us to preach the truth in love so that others will come to know, understand, and obey the truth!

If we decide to be, unclear, confusing, and vague in our teaching and preaching God’s Word, then we have missed the heart of what Paul wrote to the Corinthian church. 

This certainly doesn’t conflict with what Peter said about some of Paul’s writings (2 Peter 3:14-16). Peter says that few of Paul’s teachings were difficult to understand.  Which is certainly true. I do believe that even though they were difficult to understand they were nonetheless understandable.  A little more digging and studying would certainly reveal the truth that God intended and therefore be understood. The meat and potatoes of the Word take a little longer to prepare, serve, and eat. While it might take a little longer to get to eat and digest it is certainly worth it. 

However, don’t miss the fact that Peter says there are the rest of the Scriptures. Scriptures that are easy to understand. 

Paul was referring to (in 1 Corinthians 14:7-8) to teaching a clear and concise message. Preaching should always be understood and simple in order to produce obedient faith!

As we move forward and grow in Fulshear we are determined that our message will be easy to understand so that we aren’t only speaking into the air. 

 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” — Romans 10:17

How Would We Rate?

Friday, November 15, 2019

A study was done by a researcher in which he attended 18 different churches on successive Sundays to rate their friendliness and warmth factor. He sat near the front of the auditorium each time and walked slowly to the rear then returned to the front using another aisle. On each occasion, he was dressed neatly and with a smile asked at least one person to direct him to the fellowship hour or a Sunday School Class.

He used the following point scale to rate his reception: 

10 - for a smile from a worshiper 

10 - for a greeting from someone nearby

100 - for an exchange of names

200 - for an invitation to Bible Class or fellowship time 1000 - for an introduction to another worshiper

2000 - for an invitation to meet a church leader

 Each of the 18 churches earned less than 100 points. The researcher concluded: "The preaching may be biblical, the singing inspirational and the service uplifting but when a guest finds no one cares whether or not he is there, he is not likely to return.”

 Friends remember to be the gracious, hospitable smile of Jesus to everyone you meet when we gather together. Why? Because I know you care and because they will know we are Christians by our love!   (written by Gregg Lee)


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