“How Would We Rate?”

Categories: Minister's Corner

A study was done by a researcher in which he attended 18 different churches on successive Sundays to rate their friendliness and warmth factor. He sat near the front of the auditorium each time and walked slowly to the rear then returned to the front using another aisle. On each occasion, he was dressed neatly and with a smile asked at least one person to direct him to the fellowship hour or a Sunday School Class.

He used the following point scale to rate his reception: 

10 - for a smile from a worshiper 

10 - for a greeting from someone nearby

100 - for an exchange of names

200 - for an invitation to Bible Class or fellowship time 1000 - for an introduction to another worshiper

2000 - for an invitation to meet a church leader

 Each of the 18 churches earned less than 100 points. The researcher concluded: "The preaching may be biblical, the singing inspirational and the service uplifting but when a guest finds no one cares whether or not he is there, he is not likely to return.”

 Friends remember to be the gracious, hospitable smile of Jesus to everyone you meet when we gather together. Why? Because I know you care and because they will know we are Christians by our love!   (written by Gregg Lee)