“Gospel Meeting”

Categories: Minister's Corner

In April of 1996, I was encouraged by a minister of the Gospel from a small town in Southern Missouri to get involved with Youth Ministry as a summer intern where he was preaching. I was working full-time at Emerson Electric, a company in Paragould, Arkansas, that built washer and dryer motors for many of the leading Washing Machine and Dryer Companies in the US. Ministry was not an interest of mine or a career choice for sure. I reluctantly agreed to intern on the weekends while continuing to work the 3rd shift at the factory full time. Needless to say that was a busy summer.  However, that preacher and that internship changed my life forever. I thank God often for that summer and experience!

That preacher still preaches for the same church with over 30 years of ministry there and he is just as encouraging now as he was then. The faithful brother in Christ and minister of the Gospel is Stan Dauck and he will be our Keynote Speaker for our first Gospel Meeting at the Fulshear Church of Christ!! What an absolute blessing he will be as he shares the truth of God’s Word, encourages us to continue to serve the Lord and helps develop faith in the hearts of the hearers (Romans 10:17). 

Who would have ever imagined that the encouragement offered to a young man on the campus of Crowley’s Ridge College by a faithful man of God ministering from the Bootheel of Missouri would have an impact in Fulshear, Texas?  And yet here we are in 2019 making a beautiful difference. Only God could be behind such activities. 

Make Plans right now to be a part of an amazing opportunity to grow in faith and participate in something special. 

“For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, IT PLEASED GOD THROUGH THE FOOLISHNESS OF THE MESSAGE PREACHED to save those who believe.”  - The Apostle Paul