“Turning the Page (Back)”

Categories: Minister's Corner

Turning the page is exciting!! Looking forward to graduation, marriage, kids, a new job, a new town, retirement, or the next big thing!! Dreaming about what lies ahead keeps us motivated and moving. There are times when we start to look ahead. We even skip important aspects of a story in that we only focus on the ending (I learned that from Brent’s Wednesday night class recently).

Turning back the page to re-evaluate what we missed is important. Looking back helps us to appreciate the story. It keeps us grounded and on task at hand.

Psalm 23 is a beautiful and poignant place in our story! It is the most well-known of the Psalms and one of the most popular in the Bible. Almost everyone, whether religious or not, have heard Psalm 23 because it is quoted so frequently. It is a comforting Psalm that spiritually looks forward to feeding on green pastures, drinking from still/peaceful water. Anticipating a time of refreshing. The comfort that when difficult days do come (and they will) we have the assurance that Jesus will be with us. Always!!

Psalm 23 keeps us moving and motivated.

However, Psalm 22 is a place in the story that is as important (if not more important) than Psalm 23! Psalms are different and provoke different feelings. Psalm 23 presents confidence, assurance, and trust. While Psalm 22 is for troubled times. Almost everything that happened at the Crucifixion and most of Jesus’ words during his final hours were prophesied in the Psalms. The phrases will sound fa-miliar. Your mind will return Golgotha. You picture the cross and you sense the pain and agony. With our current series coming to a close we have been reminded of the importance of Psalm 22. This is about an obedient Son. Jesus, the suffering servant in Psalm 22 put His trust in His Father. We should put our trust in Him as well.

Turning the page is beneficial and every once in a while, turning back reminds us of the past in order to appreciate the future. Never overlook the important details of the moment in a rush to get to the next page.